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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan is the common and easiest way to invest in Mutual Funds, the systematic investment promotes a savings habbit , rupee cost averaging and the power of compounding. The SIP 
 permits to invest small funds instead of huge lump sum to grow to a big corpus. e.g. you can start as low as 500/- a month for a SIP. A common thing a savings of 500/- , 1000/-, 2000/-, 5000/- a month does not effect your monthly budget and you can be assurred of a big corpus for tomorrow. 
For example:
 A monthly SIP of 5000/- per month can fetch you a around 13 lacs in 10 years if calculated around 15%.
 A monthly SIP of 5000/- per month can fetch you a around 30 lacs in 15 years if calculated around 15%.
and the same
 A monthly SIP of 5000/- per month can fetch you a around 65 lacs in 20 years if calculated around 15%.
Above all illustrations are calculated @ 15% compounded. 
the Value of Compounding helps you to create wealth..
So, what are you waiting for,, Start a SIP today..... Call Us...

How to Invest.

Investing is very easy in a mutual fund, You should have a PAN Card, AADHAAR CARD and a Bank Account. The Small formality is to get yourself KYC Complaint and registered with MFU. Just Download the form fill it up and send to us.... click for address..    for just call us for support...
You dont have to make cheques every month, the Investment amount selected by you will be auto debited from your bank account.
If you have already a mutual fund folio no. you can invest online by just entering your folio no.
So easy... Act today   and get started...., create your own Growth History...



SIPINDIA.COM is a portal run by AMFI registered individual Financial Advisor in Varanasi, with an experience of around 10 years in the mutual fund related investment. The investors have gain a lot from our advise in selecting fund to invest in.
We regular monitor your investment and help you in taking valued decesion in seeing your money grow. We are always with you to cater your requirement and design your portfolio to get the desired returns. We also suggest you on how to go with the market condition to maximise your returns.
So, Dont worry... Just start... to see your portfolio grow...

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To see FAQ's Click Here

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